Who We Are

Central Oregon LandWatch is a non-profit land use watchdog group located in Bend, Oregon. We strive to achieve a balanced and integrated approach to land use planning in Central Oregon that will safeguard our natural resources and environment and foster socially and economically thriving communities.

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LandWatch works to protect Central Oregon's fragile natural landscapes, watershed resources and ecosystems.



New study about fire severity challenges assumptions

A new study out of CU Boulder shows that many of the premises underlying forest restoration efforts may be  in need of reevaluation....

Attend: Bend UGB meeting this Thursday, September 4th

Planning the Bend of Tomorrow Your Input Matters     The City is in the process of planning the next Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion to...

Preparing for a fish kill on the Deschutes

Each year, the Oregon Water Resources Department drops Deschutes River flows to store water in Wickiup Reservoir. The fish kill this...