Since 1985, LandWatch has played a vital role in protecting Central Oregon's land, water, and wildlife.

Our region is known for its beautiful forests and deserts, and its springs and rivers. It is appreciated for its fish and wildlife. Yet pressures from urban development and wasteful use of water continue to put these natural assets at risk.

Among LandWatch's Achievements:

  • Protecting the Metolius Basin from development and saving its ancient forest.
  • Keeping Whychus Creek flowing freely in its banks and not through a pipe for hydroelectric power.
  • Preserving deer and elk winter range and safeguarding wildlife corridors.
  • Keeping Bend livable by limiting urban sprawl.
  • Maintaining vistas of ridges from Shevlin Park instead of views of condominiums.
  • Preventing a proliferation of destination resorts that fragment and destroy wildlife habitat and dewater streams for the benefit of a few.

Photo courtesy of Stu Gordon