Today's the day: Bend's UGB goes into effect

Bend's new Urban Growth Boundary has been acknowledged by the Department of Land Conservation and Development in record time and goes into effect today. 

What changes will I see now?

Nothing on the ground changes today. Since this is a long-range plan, changes will take place over the next ten to twenty years.

The City's Comprehensive Plan and Development Code, which guide and regulate future development, have been updated, and that does take effect today. Now, changes to the city will occur when landowners propose redevelopment in opportunity areas or annexation of the expansion areas based on the newly adopted plans and codes. They will still be required to go through the standard application process.

You can look up whether a specific property has a new zoning or comprehensive plan designation here:

Photo courtesy of Christian Heeb

Photo courtesy of Christian Heeb

What happens next?

Now that the City has a new plan for where growth will occur, it needs to work toward managing that growth with updates to infrastructure. The next City Council has the task of updating plans for how to provide services like sewer and water on its plate.

Central Oregon LandWatch will be there advocating for the public interest, and we hope to see you there with us!

For more information on Bend's UGB plan click here.

Reminder: Apply for City Committees

There are open positions on the Planning Commission and the Budget Committee. Be a part of the decision making process on issues that are crucial to our quality of life. Apply now!

Planning Commission - Due December 16th

Budget Committee - Due December 30th