Action Alert: Protect Oregon, Stop SB 25

We live in Oregon for a reason. Whether your reason is the mountain views, golden fields, or the solitude you find while enjoying the pristine outdoors, you likely have our land use system to thank for protecting our land. Now, that system is under attack.

ACT NOW: Tell Sen. Edwards NO on Senate Bill 25
Senate Bill 25 will be up for a public hearing on Monday at the State Legislature. This bill would suspend all of the statewide land use planning goals in eight eastern Oregon counties. 

This bill could eliminate protections for sage grouse habitat, ranch lands, farmlands, forestlands, special places, and more. It threatens citizen participation in planning decisions. It does so under the guise of saving rural communities.

If SB 25 were to become law, Jefferson, Deschutes and Crook counties will be next.

Please contact Senator Chris Edwards and urge him to protect rural Oregon ranch land, farmland, forest land and special places. Please urge him to protect Oregon's resource lands and oppose SB 25.

Email or call Senator Edwards Today!!
Phone: 503-986-1707

More information about SB 25

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee has scheduled a public hearing on a bill that will suspend all of the statewide land use planning goals in eight Eastern Oregon counties.  Under the guise of protecting rural communities, the bill allows cities and counties to rezone any or all farmlands and forestlands without regard to statewide planning Goals and protections.  SB 25 would also threaten transportation planning, infrastructure planning, planning for needed housing, and protections for wildlife and natural places in these counties.  Among the Goals to be suspended are also those that ensure citizen participation in land use decisions.  Planning to avoid natural hazards could also be at risk.

If you'd like to also submit publicly available written testimony for the hearing, please e-mail it by Monday at 3pm to: