LandWatch Recognized by Bend City Council for National Rivers Month Proclamation

City Councilor Nathan Boddie presented community organizations who work to protect Central Oregon's rivers with the National Rivers Month proclamation this month.

Boddie stated, "rivers in Bend, the county, and the United States are integral to our recreation, our economy, where we get our food, where we get our drinking water, where we enjoy nature, and integral to the natural environment."

The proclamation recognized several organizations: Central Oregon LandWatch, Deschutes River Conservancy, and the City of Bend Water Quality Department.

Philip Sidran

Philip Sidran

We are lucky to have the Deschutes River, a Wild and Scenic River, flowing through Bend. LandWatch works with the community to ensure the Deschutes has adequate river flows year-round.

For more information about our work to protect and restore the Deschutes and its tributaries, please click here.

City of Bend National Rivers Month Proclamation