Bend's Boundary Taking Shape

Yesterday afternoon, the group of public officials guiding the Urban Growth Boundary process voted unanimously to approve the initial map for Bend's boundary expansion. The approved map adds 2,150 acres around the edges of the city, which allows those lands to be developed at urban densities for a variety of land uses. You can view the draft map below.

City councilors gave high praise to the compromise reached by LandWatch and westside landowners that helped create consensus around the boundary map at today's meeting. The collaborative plan will allow some development west of Bend with provisions to protect homes from wildfire and preserve wildlife habitat (more info here).

About 70% of projected growth is accommodated within the city as part of the draft plan approved today. This will be made possible with proposed changes to city codes and zoning in order to facilitate growth on vacant and redevelopable lands within the city. Those changes are still in draft form and we will keep you updated on the process to approve them.