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It was standing room only at our recent program, Frankly Mule Deer, We Do Give a Damn. 
Frankly, we're not surprised. Preserving and enhancing natural areas and wildlife habitat is the highest priority for many Bend residents.
Please sign the petition to protect our natural areas.
Yet, as we learned from our panel of experts, urban development and recreation in our surrounding natural areas are putting deer and elk in harm's way, and their habitat is diminishing.

We see deer in Bend because we've built in their natural habitat, not because there is an abundance of them. Their numbers are in decline. 

Photo by ODFW

Photo by ODFW

According to panelist Amy Stuart, mule deer and elk populations face "death by 1,000 cuts." 

We are all part of the problem. We can choose to work together to be part of a solution. 

Please support the City’s Planning Goal One: A Quality Natural Environment that preserves and enhances natural areas and wildlife habitat.

 After all, in panelist Matt Shinderman's words, “What value does wildland have without wildlife?”
Please sign the petition to protect our natural areas.
Thanks to our panelists for sharing their research and observations!

Amy Stuart, former ODFW Deschutes Basin Manager - Proposal to develop Off-Highway Vehicle trails in the Ochoco National Forest
Sara Gregory, ODFW Wildlife Habitat Biologist - What is causing the decline in mule deer population
Corey Heath, ODFW District Wildlife Biologist - Human Caused Urban Difficulties
Matt Shinderman, OSU-Cascades - Planning for Species Conservation: Connectivity and Land Use Planning