Remember the River

Irrigation season began just a few weeks ago, which means Deschutes River water that was held back in the reservoirs all winter will now flood downstream throughout the summer. This cycle of drying out before flooding again causes erosion of the riverbanks, contributes to the silt in Mirror Pond, and creates an inhospitable environment for fish and other critters.

Our video, Saving the Deschutes River, highlights these unnatural management practices and proposes solutions for more efficient on-farm use of water. We are pleased to announce that this video will be screened at the Portland Film Event Stories of our Watersheds at the Hollywood Theatre tonight. 

The films selected for this event represent a diverse set of rivers and watersheds from the Pacific Northwest to the Middle East. Selected films share stories from a variety of conservation organizations, tribes, watershed councils, agencies and filmmakers.

If you can't attend, watch and share our video online by clicking below!