Join us in a year-long celebration of the Metolius!

Next year will be the 10-year anniversary of the Metolius Basin's designation as an Area of Critical State Concern! The Metolius is the first and only area in Oregon to receive this designation which has kept it safe from harmful large-scale developments.

To celebrate this milestone in the history of Oregon's land use system, we're calling 2019 the Year of the Metolius! 

If you're local to Central Oregon or just hold the region dear to your heart, I don't have to tell you about the magic of the Metolius. The River's miraculous headsprings, brilliant turquoise waters, ancient old growth forests—it is truly one of Oregon's crown jewels. 

LandWatch has a long history of fighting to protect this unique area, including paving the way for the critical ACSC designation in partnership with the Warm Springs Tribes and other stakeholders. 

We'll be taking the coming year to celebrate the Metolius with educational events and stories, will you share yours with us?