We ❤️ Goal 5

We are celebrating Earth Month this year by putting the spotlight on Oregon Land Use Planning Goal 5! Goal 5 is important because it protects natural resources, scenic and historic areas, and open space-- what's not to love? Without Goal 5, protection of Central Oregon's precious places and the people and wildlife they sustain would not be possible. 

As part of this celebration, we are unveiling a very special piece of art that we know our fellow land use nerds will love and appreciate. The "I ❤️ Goal 5" image was hand drawn by local artist, advocate, angler and Natural Resources expert Corrine Oedekerk to help support LandWatch's work and help you start conversations about Goal 5!

"I ❤️ Goal 5" artwork by local artist Corrine Oedekerk

"I ❤️ Goal 5" artwork by local artist Corrine Oedekerk

If you love Goal 5 as much as we do, join the front lines of defense by becoming a member or renewing your membership this month and add on $5 for Goal 5 to receive this beautiful "I❤️ Goal 5" sticker in the mail with your thank you letter. It's the perfect adornment for your reusable water bottle!

Earth Day Celebration

Join us in the celebration by visiting our booth and parklet at the Environmental Center's upcoming Earth Day Fair and Parade. 


The Environmental Center  
Earth Day Fair and Parade

Saturday, April 21

We'll be there giving high-fives for Goal 5, and plenty of unique stickers with your $5 donation. See you there!