Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee Application

Apply now to represent your district on state wide land use planning issues!

The Land Conservation and Development Committee (LCDC) is seeking applicants from districts 4 (Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties) for several open positions on the state Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee (CIAC). The CIAC was established to advise LCDC on all things Goal 1 including rulemaking, education, and how to enhance citizen involvement in Oregon communities. Serving on this committee is a unique opportunity to be a part of the land use process that safeguards Oregon’s environmental heritage and allows regular citizens to exercise their basic right to participation in the land use process.

For generations, Oregon’s natural beauty, character, wide-open spaces and abundant farm and range land have been a part of who we are as Oregonians. That these characteristics have persisted through the years despite the growth of modern times is due in large part to Oregon’s state-wide land use planning system, which established a set of goals to safeguard Oregon’s natural treasures. The beauty of this system, aside from the natural abundance it has preserved, is that Citizen Involvement lies at the heart. The first goal of land use planning is “to develop a citizen involvement program that ensures the opportunity for citizens to be involved in all aspects of the planning process”. This assures that Oregon’s environmental legacy lives on through the participation of citizens, whose right to influence their surroundings is guarded and encouraged. 

You can find more information about how to apply here. Applications are by August 25th. Best of luck!