The Love of a Place


Yesterday we gave Valentines to those we cherish. They are exchanged some times in a romantic way, other times more in a family way, and often times in a friendly way.

What about to places we cherish? How do you give a Valentine to an old growth ponderosa pine with its orange-yellow bark, to a riffle of water from a spring, to a silent and watchful owl, or to a cougar whose track you see in the snow? How can we give a valentine to the Metolius?

And what about those people who are now gone but fought to protect this magical place? People like Tash, Becky, Sam, Joan, Steve, Toni, Jim, Peggy...How about Valentines to them?

Valentines are not just for people who can open and read the cards or indulge in heart shaped-candies. This weekend extend your Valentine's Day greetings to this special place and those who fought so hard to protect it. Go out to the Metolius, touch the bark, listen to the springs, smell the air, taste the falling snow and see what is beyond the visible.

Very truly yours,

Paul Dewey
Executive Director

PS - In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Area of Critical State Concern that protects the Metolius Basin from devastating development, we would like to showcase your connection to this magical place. Please send us your Metolius love story.