Transportation System Plan Update & BCD Visionary Board Applications

The City of Bend has completed Phase 1 of its Transportation System Planning (TSP) process. See the Phase 1 Report hereThe TSP will be the guiding document for transportation in Bend over the next 20 years.  Any new transportation projects built in the City over the next 20 years, including transit, bike lanes, sidewalks, and road projects will be included in this plan.

The Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) set goals to guide the plan that include:

  • increased transportation system capacity, quality and connectivity for all users ensuring safety;

  • facilitating housing supply, job creation and economic development to meet growth;

  • protecting livability and ensuring equity and access;

  • stewardship of the environment; and having a regional outlook and future focus. 


Phase 1 identified a Citywide Transportation Framework, which includes projects and programs that principally affect the City’s arterial and collector system and transportation patterns in the City as a whole. Learn more here. The Citywide Transportation Framework will serve as the basis for Phases 2 and 3 of Bend’s Transportation Plan.
The Phase 1 recommendations developed by CTAC and adopted by the Steering Committee are on the right track for building a safe and healthy transportation network that facilitates smart growth. We will continue to track this process and let you know when to weigh in at critical decision points.

Phase 2 will be assessing neighborhood needs and priorities, determined by the neighborhood workshops many of you attended last month, and prioritizing projects and investments that will help accomplish the TSP goals.

Your input has been influential. Throughout the process the city received thousands of comments from community members and more than one thousand people have participated in the planning process so far, making it clear that you care about the future of transportation in Bend. 


We are forming a BCD Visionary Board! 


Our BCD Initiative is recruiting a diverse group of interested and engaged individuals to steward the community’s vision for the Bend Central District and advocate for its guiding principles.  

If you are interested in fostering positive growth in the Bend Central District, please consider applying for the BCD Visionary Board

BCD Visionary Board members will seek to learn about and advocate for the community vision of the Bend Central District. 

  • They will act as liaisons between the BCD Initiative and their respective communities, relaying information and opportunities for the wider community to get involved in and advocate for a vibrant, healthy, resilient, and safe central corridor in our community. 

  • Stipends are available for those in need of assistance to make participation on the BCD Visionary Board possible. 

  • We are committed to ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to the BCD Initiative and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, especially members of historically underrepresented communities.

  • Board members will attend six meetings throughout 2019. 

  • Meetings will likely begin in March and typically be about two hours each.


Fill out the application and submit it to by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND. You can find more information here.